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20 page full color catalog has a critical essay by Paul Krainak, Chair Art Dept. Bradley Univesity, Director of the  Inland Visual Studies Center. With foreword is by Chicago Loop Alliance Curator Tristian James Madison Hummel



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Bob Emser American Sculptor examines the development of the sculpture of Bob Emser, an international sculptor whose career has spanned more than 30 years. His extensive body of public work has been shown on 4 continents, in 7 countries and 27 states in the U.S. in sculpture parks, museums, institutions of higher learning and municipalities. Emser’s work, whether large scale or small, anchored or suspended, seem as if they could float on air, and yet have an intuitively strong presence. He explores space, light, structure and material in a way few contemporary sculptors do.


This 120-page monograph includes over 60 color photographs, an in-depth interview and insightful essay by arts journalist, Jeff Huebner. Huebner, a Chicago based freelance writer, writes reviews and articles for ARTnews, Sculpture Magazine, Public Art Review, New Art Examiner, Ceramics Monthly, Chicago magazine and the Chicago Tribune and is a regular contributor to the Chicago Reader. He has a special interest in sculpture, public art and community-based art. Glenn Harper, editor of SCULPTURE MAGAZINE, wrote the foreword.


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$55.00 + shipping and handling


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