Bob Emser - American Sculptor
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As a child I was fascinated by the structure of the balsa wood airplane models that I built. For more than two decades I have been exploring these ideas and putting them into the public sculptures that I create.

What interests me in aircraft architecture is the internal structure; how its aesthetic dimension is made visible on the surface, exploring and responding to the relationship of mechanical structures becoming organic. My sculpture is about a spiritual reference to the pioneering machinery of aviation history.

In recent years, after receiving a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, my work became more about the experiences I had as a child creating airplanes. This universal idea of play and memories has lead to my sculptures being more interactive and accessible. In all of my work now there is an element of direct interaction of the viewer with the sculptures, from the spinning of a propeller to activating the rockets glow. This motion through time and space is apparent in the actual movement of each sculpture.

Aerodrome is the capturing of the boundless energy and unbridled imagination of flight and the spirit of when air travel was fun and glamorous.

Your boarding pass awaits.

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